Joanna Newsom's Daughter Has a Toddler-Sized Harp

"It's the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen," says husband Andy Samberg
Joanna Newsom's Daughter Has a Toddler-Sized Harp
Songwriter Joanna Newsom and her husband Andy Samberg have shared that their nearly three-year-old daughter has already begun learning her mom's favourite instrument, the harp.

In a new interview with GQ, Samberg gave a sneak peek into the family's quarantine life, and at one point, spoke about the family's harp collection, which includes momma Newsom's two main harps — and now a teeny baby harp for their daughter.

The toddler-sized harp was crafted as a gift for the baby by Newsom's favourite harp maker. And according to Samberg, his daughter has already exhibited a talent for the instrument.

"She's not bad," he said. "She watches her mom and emulates that sometimes, and it's the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen."

Besides her harp playing, Baby Samberg has also taken an interest in "pretend-mermaid playtime" during quarantine. Meanwhile, Newsom has taken on the role of family grill master and cocktail artist while Samberg has spent his time ranking his favourite Los Angeles chicken restaurants and watching Mad Men.

See a picture of Samberg with the baby harp below.

The interview with Samberg comes ahead of the release of his new film Palm Springs. The Max Barbakow-directed film arrives tomorrow (July 10) on Hulu, as well as in select drive-in theatres.