Childish Gambino "3005" (NSFW lyric video)

Childish Gambino '3005' (NSFW lyric video)
Still drawing attention to his upcoming Because the Internet LP, rapper Childish Gambino has shared a lyrics video for the track "3005."

Rather than go the regular route with some cool animated fonts or whatever, this lyric video sees Gambino use his words to flirt with adult film star Abella Anderson. She giggles at his advances, dances to the track in a T-shirt and undies, eventually losing the T-shirt.

There's no actual nudity, but if you watch this vid at work it will look like you're killing time in a steamy sex chatroom, so we've slapped a NSFW tag on it anyway.

If that's cool with you, check out the lyric video for "3005" below.