Miley Cyrus "Is Weed" Too

The pop singer joined in on the "I am weed" memes, prompting an illuminating conversation with MGK
Miley Cyrus 'Is Weed' Too
Machine Gun Kelly is weed. Miley Cyrus is also weed, apparently. Perhaps, in some hidden place deep within, we are all weed.
This weekend, in an act of famous-stoner solidarity, Cyrus joined in the chorus of memes and declared that she too "is weed," standing bravely alongside Machine Gun Kelly in a tweet featuring photos of herself in a kief-green dress and some big ol' silver platforms.
Kelly responded graciously, replying "see, I'm not the only one," which prompted Cyrus to tweet back a genuinely interesting, more-probable-the-more-you-think-about-it Ms. Doubtfire-esque theory — she and MGK and weed are actually one and the same.
"We may actually be the same person," she tweeted back. "Have we ever been seen at the same place @ the same time? & yes that means Megan Fox is my gf too."
Freaky shit, man.
This charmingly zonked-out interaction comes, of course, in the wake of MGK's illuminating, genuinely kinda romantic GQ interview with girlfriend Megan Fox, wherein the couple provided a peek into their Tumblr-core romance and recounted the time Kelly told Fox that he "is weed," before disappearing into a cloud of smoke. We should all genuinely be jealous of their love.  
Check out the pair's(?) conversation below.