Tamara Sandor 'Leaving Kind' (album stream)

Tamara Sandor 'Leaving Kind' (album stream)
Photo by Tess Roby
Montreal-based singer-songwriter Tamara Sandor delivered Tynes last year, and she's ready to follow it up with a new record titled Leaving Kind.
The album hears her branching out from her "confessional" style of songwriting, incorporating multiple perspectives from a range of characters — including a "fanatical cop who is seduced and tormented by a band of fairies" on "Man of the Law," and a nun sick with holy devotion on "Nobody" — each experiencing the obsessive nature of love, and navigating the difficult decision of whether to stay or leave.
Sonically, Sandor takes things in a twangier direction this time around, enlisting the help of Michael Feuerstack on pedal steel and Matthew Woodley of Plants and Animals on drums. It was recorded with Howard Bilerman at Studio Hotel2Tango and mixed by Pietro Amato.
"My mental health has improved a lot over the last two or three years and one by-product of that is that my songwriting process has become less of a survival tactic and more of a conscious practice," Sandor tells Exclaim! "The decreased sense of urgency surrounding the creation has meant that I can more playfully and sensitively explore different voices. Instead of waiting for a huge wave of emotion to overtake me, forcing me to create something tangible just to stay afloat, my process now feels more like reaching down into the steadier current running inside me and seeing what kind of subtler movement I find there."
You can hear that new approach to creativity manifest itself in Sandor's latest work by streaming Leaving Kind down below.
The album is officially out June 28, and will be marked with a record release party that evening at Bar le Ritz PDB in Montreal.