Vancouver's Grimm Readies Debut Album for Kingfisher Bluez

Watch the video for "Sailor and Me" now
Vancouver's Grimm Readies Debut Album for Kingfisher Bluez
The project of Vancouver's Sam Herle, Vancouver's Grimm is set to offer their debut album this spring. To mark its impending arrival, they've treated Exclaim! to a first taste via a new music video.

"Sailor and Me" opens the album and is an ethereal blend of electronics and vocals. Fittingly, the accompanying video offers plenty of strange and hypnotic visuals to get lost in.

Here's what Herle had to say about the song and its accompanying video:

When I was writing 'Sailor and Me', I had a lot of specific landscapes in mind, specifically fishing and farm communities by the water and close to where I grew up. I wanted to get that across in a pretty visceral way and try to evoke people's own memories that they may have in similarly striking places. I didn't mean for it to be a sad song, but it does come across as melancholy - I think above all it's about a longing for real connection, which always feels impossible until it actually happens. 

The video was tons of fun to make, and one of the first collaborative art projects I had worked on since the beginning of quarantine. I feel like my music- and art-making had become pretty insular and isolated, and I had almost forgotten that sharing ideas back and forth and working on a project with other people is one of my favourite parts of making something, so I'm glad we were able to do so in a COVID-safe way.

I was turned into a sea urchin-like creature for the video, and I think the whimsical undersea feeling of the whole thing really transformed the whole song for me in a positive way. It's such a special thing to watch something you've created grow and change over time and with other people's input and interpretations.

Watch the video for "Sailor and Me" below. Electro Folklore will arrive this spring via Kingfisher Bluez.

Electro Folklore:

1. Sailor and Me
2. In Flux
3. Just Say No! to Infinity
4. Secret Gardens
5. Utopian Fiction
6. Driver Seat
7. Neighbourhood